Jamie Strassenburg

Illustrator     Web Developer

Featured Illustrations

  • Sedna
  • Roses and Thorns
  • Thunder Troll Shaman
  • Sun Sister Malina

   These are only the recent highlights of my portfolio. Browse my projects to see more of my work!

Raster Work

Trained in traditional oil painting, I use a combination of Photoshop's raster-based paint resources and Illustrator's vector toolset for my illustration work

Recent Projects

As an unabashed bookworm, I’m compelled by storytelling. I enjoy collaborating and breathing life into ideas, so here are a few of my visual development projects.

Eskimo Belief Series

A visual exploration of the Native American arctic culture spanning from Alaska to eastern Canada. The series explores their storytelling traditions and god myths.

Like What?

  • Sedna

    Goddess of the Sea controls sea life, storms, and the tides

  • Aurora Spirits

    Human ghosts' path to the afterlife creates the aurora borealis

  • Sun Sister, Moon Brother

    The story behind why the moon chases the sun across the sky

  • And more...

    The series currently has nine myth figures. See their illustrations & stories ►

Medical Education: Kidneys

Educational series of illustrated articles for patients going through dialysis, CKD, kidney transplant & more. Created for Dr. G the nephrologist.

Sounds cool

  • Infographics

    Combination of vector/raster

  • UI Design

    Developed web interface, implemented article & resource content

  • Branding

    Mascot design "Miss Kidney", project color palette, logo... I created this project from the ground floor

  • Copy Writing

    Organized and edited all educational pages and blog articles

Let's Work Together


Raster, Vector, 3D Models
BFA Illustration CSULB

Web Developer

Design & Development since 2002
PSD Mockups, Branding
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Photoshop Tutor

Single or group lessons
Focus in digital painting, photo editing
Can provide tablet