As a professional artist with years of experience in K-12 education,
I support the empowerment of aspiring artists.

My laptop bag is full of Photoshop magic

My laptop bag is full of Photoshop magic

In true classroom fashion, below are the Five Ws that explain my services.

  • Who?

    K-12 Students
    College Art Majors
    Creative Professionals
    Adult Hobbyists

  • What?

    Software Offered
    PhotoshopDigital painting, photo editing, retouching
    Illustrator Graphic design, vector-based flyers, postcards, brochures
    Maya3D models, textures, rigging, animation
    Private Lessons

    Weekday Rate $40/hour
    Weekend Rate $50/hour

  • Where?

    Local Coffee Shops
    Local Libraries
    Student Residence
    Student School/Campus

  • When?

    As a freelancer my hours are flexible!
    Email me for scheduling

Flexible Scheduling

My clients take priority!


Night and weekend hours available as required. I am always willing to work with your schedule

Very nice!

Personalized Lessons

Sessions tailored to YOUR creative goals

Like how?

Get the one-on-one teaching you need that online & public classes lack. We create your lesson plan together


Quality from Experience

3 years certified AVID tutor

What's that?

Benefit from methodology that comes from my three years working as a certified Garden Grove USD employee

Sounds legit

Finally, Why?

My Photoshop tutoring business began with three years working as a district-certified AVID tutor for Garden Grove USD. The AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program aims at equipping middle and high school students with the tools needed to succeed on their own in college.

The reality of today’s technological world requires artists to be fluent in digital software. Our local school systems do not emphasize this, so oftentimes young artists are handicapped before they even get into art school. As an INFJ personality type, I believe in a “help you help yourself” approach that, given the right effort, will empower my students so my services are no longer needed.

My parents recognized my own artistic talent as a child, and their gift of Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom tablet began my journey to where I am today. My illustration portfolio would not exist if I had not begun learning Photoshop as a teenager, and I would like to pass that on to others who would benefit from the guidance of a seasoned Adobe artist.

My last year as an AVID tutor, 2013

Build Your Skillset

Photoshop digital painting time lapse, 2013

My goal is to equip creatives with the skills needed to achieve their goals. From day one, my aim is to help you achieve your vision without my assistance. Check out my time lapse painting video to see what you can achieve

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My tutoring services are all about taking concrete steps to help you meet and exceed your artistic ambitions.

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